Home Fortified Wine Barrel Competition 2019

Liebichwein Home Barrel Competition Do you have your own home barrel? Are you proud of how it is developing? Would you like feedback from an experienced winemaker? Liebichwein run this unique wine judging competition for home barrel owners to … Read more

Best Home Barrel Fortified Winners

Announcing the winners of the prestigious “Best Home Barrel Blend" for the 2018 competition. Judging took place in September with three expert judges deliberating samples of Tawny and white fortified wines sent in from our … Read more

Home Fortified Barrel Competition 2018

Home barrel owners have the chance to be crowned with ‘best fortified blend’. Do you have a port you are proud of or simply want some advice to make it even better? Having a home barrel to … Read more

Bulk Fortified Wines for Barrel Ageing

                  It's the depths of winter. We recently had a sudden hail storm pass through and plenty of rain has saturated Barossa Valley soils. This time of year is almost busier for us than vintage as the … Read more