Christmas Gift Ideas

If you are looking for gift ideas other than wine this Christmas, Liebichwein Cellar Door is sure to have the perfect solution. Browse a range of food products and wine merchandise – as well as vouchers for those who can’t decide. ?Just give us a call or an email and we?ll get a customised voucher posted to your lucky chosen recipient in the amount you request.

Gifts from $5 to $25

Liebich Wine Glass $5 ?- standard tasting glass perfect for your favourite Barossa Fortified

Liebich?Wine Glass $8 – ?elegant large Reidel glass?perfect for your favourite Barossa Shiraz

Unbreakable Picnic Glass $9/$5 ? ?large?or small tasting glass size

Liebich Drunken Fruits $9 ?- quality dried fruit soaked in fortified wine, 300mL jar

Wine Bottle Candelabra $15 -??re-use your favourite wine bottle to hold 5 tea light candles

I Love Wine T Shirt $25 ?- sizes S, M, L
All these items are available at cellar door and can be shipped upon request.

Please call (08) 85244543 or email for more information.


Winex candle holderLiebich glass white L 1

gift voucher 1Drunken fruit 3 flavours_sml