Bulk Fortified Frontignac 5L

$63.00 inc GST

Luscious tropical and floral flavours for adding depth and sweetness to a barrel.


At Liebichwein we pride ourselves on our extensive range of fortified wines suitable for drinking now or topping up your own barrel for further ageing. We can provide a number of fortified wine styles in bulk in varying quantities.

Fortified Muscat is a luscious fruity wine with tropical and floral flavours to add sweetness and depth to a barrel.

Enjoy as is with desserts, or serve chilled as an aperitif. Versatile wine style for use in cocktails, baking and marinades.

Vintage  One year old

Alcohol   18.0% alc/vol


Minimum online purchase is 5 litres. Containers are reusable and recyclable. 5% discount applies for 20L or more on bulk price.

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Weight 4 kg