‘Lovely’ Sparkling Pinot Noir

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Inspired by love and heritage, this blushing beauty offers tantalising strawberry and toasted brioche aromas leading to a lively palate that finishes dry to semi-dry. Simply lovely!


Sparkling Pinot Noir is a rare and special wine in the Liebichwein range. The ‘Lovely’ Sparkling story started early in vintage 2014 when estate grown Pinot Noir was handpicked to be made into the sparkling base wine.? This was then blended with fresher Pinot Noir base wine from vintage 2016 to build complexity.?Tasting trials took place a year later to get the balance of body and sweetness just right.

The name ?Lovely? was chosen as the family name Liebich is very close to the German word ?lieblich? which means ?lovely? and of course the wine is pretty lovely to look at, sip and savour.

‘Lovely’ Sparkling is hand-disgorged, dosaged, capped and labelled to order. A touch of Liebich Ruby Fortified Grenache is used in dosage to add sweetness and a delicate pink hue.

Delicate blush hue from contact with grape skins. Tantalising strawberry, blossom and toasted brioche aromas lead to a lively lingering palate. Simply lovely!


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