Liebichwein is a Barossa family winery established by Ron and Janet Liebich  in 1992.   We welcome your visit.

Great pride is taken in every aspect of production from choosing which grapes are planted to bottling aged fortified blends that Ron has expertly blended. Ron loves the flexibility of being able to make small batches in a wide assortment of wine styles to suit every palate.

Over the years Ron has built up a reputation as one of the Barossa’s best producers of fortified wines. Of special interest is the extensive array of varietal fortifieds both in bottles and bulk for further maturation by home barrel owners. Ron is always happy to offer advice to anyone who wants to improve their home barrel blend.

Ron also has a strong following for bold fruit-driven red wines, bottled without fining or filtration to capture the essence of classic Barossa wines. All red wines are vegan friendly.

The key to wines for Liebichwein is balanced full flavours that capture the essence of the grapes.

“Cosy, unique feel with great wines too”

quote from Visitor’s book