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Home Barrel Competition Winners

As part of Fortified Fest we received a?record number of entries.

The judges were?Ron Liebich (Winemaker), Briony Liebich (Sensory Analyst) and?Gill Gordon-Smith (Wine Educator & Judge).

FF13 judging 2 S

Judges Comments:???????

Impressive range of wines of fantastic quality without any major faults. We were drawn to wines that showed well-aged characteristics that were complete wines as they were at the time of tasting. All entries were at different stages and showed great potential to get better with age and quality topping wine.

Competition was tough as quality was high, but Geoff Cobbledick pulled through – amazingly for the third year in a row! Geoff’s winning blend is a superbly aged Tawny from his keg started in 1985 that is hard to beat! Congratulations also to Rob Johnson who came 2nd and Colin White in 3rd place.

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entries 1 Sml


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